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SILA - Shibboleth IdP Loader for ADFS

SILA is a set of PowerShell scripts that automates the provisionning of ADFS trusted claims provider from a Shibboleth federation metadata. In other words SILA keeps ADFS in sync with the federation metadata.

Version 3

ADFS 3 does not change the way ADFS works under the cover. The major change from SILA point of view is the switch to http.sys instead of IIS. This means that we can't adapt Realm Home Discovery page using the .aspx Page. I have a project ( to handle this point.
As I had to make some change to the initial script, I went to some refactoring and decided to follow AD FS version number. So :

welcome to SILA v3.0 !

The major change is the use of a Json file for configuration. You don't have to make any change to the scripts. Of course you can change them if they don't fully match your requirement.
The documentation pages will give all details for the installation and explain the configuration file. I tried to put as much comments possible to make the code clear. although, some knowledge of PowerShell is needed.

Version 1

SILA reflects the way I run ADFS at works, so you will have to adapt it to your need at least for the RHD page. Our RHD page is in the repository to help you adapt yours.

For an automatic refresh, the script have to be schechuled in Windows. I will add our command file / line in v1

The script should be partly adapted before a full usage, follow the configuration guide page

The scripts are now (22 november 2013) in the Git repository of the projet.


30 may 2014 : v0.9 released on may, 30 2014.
01 march 2016 : I am working on a new version using a configuration file and targeting ADFS 3 where we cannot change the UI any more.

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