SILA - Shibboleth IdP Loader for ADFS

v0.9 released on may, 30 2014.

SILA is a set of PowerShell scripts that automates the provisionning of ADFS trusted claims provider from a Shibboleth federation metadata. In other words SILA keeps ADFS in syns with the federation metadata.

SILA reflects the way I run ADFS at works, so you will have to adapt it to your need at least for the RHD page. Our RHD page is in the repository to help you adapt yours.

For an automatic refresh, the script have to be schechuled in Windows. I will add our command file / line in v1

The script should be partly adapted before a full usage, follow the configuration guide page

The scripts are now (22 november 2013) in the Git repository of the projet.

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